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Sen Blackburn says $1.9tn Covid bill ’not fair to people who are truly hurting’

Sen Blackburn says $1.9tn Covid bill ’not fair to people who are truly hurting’

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) said only 9% of the Senate’s $1.9 trillion Covid-19 bill ’had anything to do with Covid.’ She said the bill ’isn’t fair to people who are truly hurting (because of the pandemic).’ Talking to Fox News after the Senate passed President Joe Biden’s plan, she said ’91% of the money is for the arts, humanities, transportation, abortion, student loan waivers ...’

Mark East
Mark East 1 months

That makes no sense after all it's Republicans like her that voted against giving any kind of help during this pandemic but I'm sure Republican Jesus approves

Jon 1 months

It's Covid RELIEF. Not a COVID only bill. Dumbest argument ever and it's not even a true statement she's making it's flat out false. Over 77% of the bill directly impacts Americans related to Covid.

Barry 1 months

She is aware people can download the bill and read it themselves right? Why do people keep voting for these liars?

Burger 1 months

Someone needs to teach her remedial math.

Lyle 1 months

COVID Relief Package breakdown:

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

cruella deville is talking out of her (-o-) as usual.

michael 1 months Only about 15% does not relate to the current crisis.

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