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George Floyd death: Jury selection to begin in ex-cop’s trial

George Floyd death: Jury selection to begin in ex-cop’s trial

The trial of former cop Derek Chauvin will start Monday with the jury selection. Chauvin is the officer who pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck before his death. However, before the jury selection starts, the Hennepin County district judge might face a motion to reinstate a third-degree murder charge. Meanwhile, protesters have started to gather in Minneapolis, putting the city on the edge.

coughdrop1989 1 months

Better call the social workers you put in place after you defunded your police department.

jamie 1 months

Found guilty of murder which would be a complete failure of the system while politics win out and the riots will still Happen. Find not guilty which legally is the right call riots on a scale we haven’t seen yet happen. Let me put my JUST BECAUSE I SAY HE ISNT GUILTY DOES NOT MEAN I AGREE WITH WHAT HE DID. That’s horrible training tactics but it was taught none the less which is why he is not guilty of murder. Plus impossible to prove intent unless they got info we don’t

Barry MC
Barry MC 1 months

It's a giant powderkeg brewing there. I hope that the police are properly prepared and enabled to prevent the inevitable riots. With any luck, we won't have to have any more deaths. The court of public opinion here simply does not match up with what a court of law will find.

Oliver Holzerfül
Oliver Holzerfül 1 months

Why do they always overcharge the officers? They walk and more riots ensue

Angel 1 months

Justice will be served hopefully to those who have died in similar situations.

Rhokanth 1 months

People: Police need better training Also people: dEfUnD tHe PoLiCe

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