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Oppo overtakes Huawei in China’s smartphone sales

Oppo overtakes Huawei in China’s smartphone sales

Oppo is now China’s top smartphone brand for the first time. Analyst house Counterpoint said Oppo’s sales grew 33% month-on-month in January and 26% year-on-year. Vivo held 20% of China’s market in mobile sales. Counterpoint said Huawei’s inventory of key parts is shrinking, ’and it will not be able to source 5G smartphone components.’ Currently, over 65% of mobiles sold in China are 5G-enabled.

Dagelf 1 months

The Register and The Verge... Why can't we have "The Citations"?

jon 1 months

Well, they are welcome to keep their 5#i77y spy phones for themselves, same as Huawei and the others.

Dan 1 months

Still don't trust their Trojan horse

James 1 months

Didn't Huawei go into pig farming?

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