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Chris Cuomo under fire for saying he’s ’black on the inside’

Chris Cuomo under fire for saying he’s ’black on the inside’

CNN host Chris Cuomo, brother of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has come under fire after joking that he is ’black on the inside.’ Responding to colleague Don Lemon’s question on how he knew the words to the theme song to Good Times, Cuomo responded, ’You know, I’m black on the inside.’ The comment sparked a backlash on Twitter, with some calling it ’offensive.’

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 1 months

The joke relies on the belief that despite the existence of a stereotype, anyone of any race can fulfill that stereotype because in the end we're all individuals. The only way to think this is offensive is to think that people of different races can't share these internal qualities, that the races are inherently more dissimilar than they are similar. This is what racists think. Racists find this offensive. On a lighter note, back when I used to smoke, my tobacco of choice was menthol cigarettes and Black and Milds. We used to joke that this made me black on the inside (double entendre intended).

Alex 1 months

Can people stop giving vague headlines? I usually don’t click if I have no idea what the news item is about. “US TV host under fire for comment”, how about “TV host Chris Cuomo under fire for saying he’s black on the inside”?

The Autarch
The Autarch 1 months

He's black on the inside when he gets his alone time with Don Lemon. ;)

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 1 months

The 2 Cuomo's and Lemon, what a deranged trio. And of course Chris is black on the inside, because Biden said you ain't black if you don't vote for him.

Ranger 1 months

Oh please we are all not 100% white, black, oriental, Eastern European, Hispanic, native Americans. I don’t like it when people start this BS about race. We are all one race that is the human race. The people who hate are wrong. Plump and plain

Dan 1 months

Must be mima's meatballs

Don 1 months

Twitter backlash ? A platform that allows unlimited accounts per user, but only publishes how many accounts but not how many users, makes me wonder how realistic is it to rely on anonymous sources for news stories about people being upset about any given topic.

Keith 1 months

The problem is being in a society that is ignorant to politically correctness this man was not being insensitive he just merely said in his statement I have some black inside of me what is wrong with that statement he could be totally correct. This is BS when we have to walk on eggshells watch what you say and do in today's society.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

Just so everyone knows... Coming To America 2 just came out, and it is very stereotypically racist. This is Ok though?

Paul M
Paul M 1 months

It is a well known fact that it is not necessary to be Jewish or a mother to be a "Jewish mother ". What is (mildly) interesting about this piece is that it is completely uninteresting and not newsworthy. Faux outrage is a speciality of extremist politicians of all flavours, and the Murdoch press. It's like watching an interview with the Royal family. Anodyne, pointless yet it still stirs emotion. Is that the aim of Newsvoice?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Lol does this surprise anyone? Could you imagine if trump or some other republican said this? Or even half of the racist stuff Joe Biden has said? Although, I personally don't agree with this "outrage" , I also have enough critical thinking skills to see the hypocrisy and double standards.

Charles 1 months

I'm confused, white people are being told to be "less white", this twat (don't care much for him) says he's black on the inside and he's getting attacked? Isn't this what you want? Figure out what your game plan is for white people and get back to us. Geezuz.

Arthur 1 months

Sorry Cumos a scum bag on the inside and outside truly deranged!

coughdrop1989 1 months

He voted for Biden and Biden clearly said if you dont vote for him you aint black. Besides its 2021 it doesn't matter what yoyr DNA says you can be anything you want. As long its how you FEEL. So now all these boys who think their girls sounds stupid once a white guy says he feels black on the inside huh?

Freedom_Signal535 1 months

Dear Fredo-Cuomo, Welcome to the digital battlefield. #Wethepeople have been eagerly awaiting your arrival. Buckle-up, I hear it’s gonna be a “mostly peaceful” ride. 🙃

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 1 months

Well... He sure have a black heart....

GB Oz 1 months

What a perfect example of CNN holding themselves to - their own standards. Ha! Disgracefully arrogant and definitely shows their true colours.

Mats Blom
Mats Blom 1 months

The revolution always eats its own children.

Joseph 1 months

Fake outrage has taken the form of an article

Seekster 1 months

Well I mean he did support Biden so...🙃

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