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China urges US to lift ’unreasonable’ restrictions on cooperation

China urges US to lift ’unreasonable’ restrictions on cooperation

China has called upon the US to remove ’unreasonable’ restrictions on cooperation, like climate change, as soon as possible. Beijing has also accused Washington of bringing chaos in the name of spreading democracy. In a news conference, China’s State Councilor Wang Yi said Beijing will never accept ’baseless accusations.’ Recently, President Joe Biden said China was America’s biggest challenge.

Raw 1 months

The less we have to do with China, the better.. China is a disgusting example of when a government abuses it's own people for the benefit of the elite. If the government can't care for its own people, how can we expect them to play ball with us fairly? I hope the people of China can someday be free of the Chinese Communist party.

Indo 1 months

A newsflash specially for you. You stop being unreasonable to others first. Then you can ask for it small bundles.

Montgomery 1 months

China's whole buiseness model is based on taking advantage and being unfair... But think Biden wil budge. He is just can't do confrontation Weakest president ever

Nathaniel 1 months

Interesting little tidbit; one of China’s goals is to basically fully intergrate the whole nation into the military, so the more china gets the more dangerous their military will become. I would suggest readin the DOD unclassified China 2020 OOB, it explains it better.

Arthur 1 months

Forget it the only way to normalize relations with the entire world for China is to eliminate the ccp!

jon 1 months

"Beijing has also accused Washington of bringing chaos in the name of spreading democracy" Oh, aren't we big boys now with our calls against chaos. I'd ask the Uighurs, people of Hong Kong and the Tibetans what they think of the alternative to the "chaos" of democracy, but they seem to have a hard time using their mouths under the Chinese jackboot. Seriously, £u€|< China.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

When a country is openly harvesting organs , putting people in to reeducation camps and preforming ethnic cleansing, you don't appease or help that country until they do something to stop it. Biden already defended these action as cultural differences, so don't be too surprised if he bends the knee, as he has already.

Ian.. 1 months

They they should stop their genocide

Dan 1 months

Big guy's got your back since you've got his pockets

James Sanford (Retroambassador)
James Sanford (Retroambassador) 1 months

China has become a master of using the US's reliance of capitalism and weaponizing it against us.

kaleb 1 months

A wise child once said, "Eat my shorts."

GB Oz 1 months

They never stop whining. Like a snapping turtle... yap yap yap

Aleks 1 months

Newsflash China has now built the largest navy on earth....

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 1 months

Kiss the ring Biden.

Aaron 1 months

Whats with all the genocide?

Regular Citizen
Regular Citizen 1 months

Stop Having Concentration camps then we can talk lol

Tommy 1 months

Watch the China uncensored crew on TimcastIRL from a couple days ago. Cooperation to China doesn't mean what we think of it as in English. It's more of a you want me to do x, what will you give me to do that?

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