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Georgia’s Republican lieutenant governor boycotts elections bill debate

Georgia’s Republican lieutenant governor boycotts elections bill debate

Georgia’s Lt Gov Geoff Duncan (R) left the state senate as soon as senators began debating a bill that would limit absentee voting to the state’s voters who are 65 and older, have a disability or those who will be out of town during an election. Later, Duncan confirmed his opposition to the bill. After recent poll setbacks, Georgia’s Republicans are aiming to impose new curbs on absentee voting.

Katie 1 months

Mail in voting has too much potential for fraud and needs to be better controlled. This election was a total shtshow of states not following the law anyway so idk why people call this "voter suppression" when votes were backdated for postage, non-residential and non-existent addresses were used and people who no longer live in the state/country somehow managed through covid to be able to vote by mail, sometimes for more than one state in the United States. That is not how this is supposed to work. Idc if it was 1 or 1,000,000. Our system needs to be more secure so that only true existing people can vote and we require voterid for every single voter. These suggestions are not perfect but utopia is not possible, so there you go.

Aleks 1 months

Talking of real election fraud... ... Republicans as usual making it harder to vote....

PappaOwl 1 months

I have actually read the bills and, this has norhing to do with security or freedom; both sides are trying to tilt the playing field in their favor by passing laws that favor their side. Dems are trying to drown the GOP with their massive voter base and the GOP is trying to chop up the voting blocks to empower rural voters. You don't need fraud or surpression, you just need to empower your side, and maybe this should be handled by independent commissions.

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 1 months

Enough bacon to sink a battle ship

Mark East
Mark East 1 months

Republicans don't win they cheat just like the Democrats In the primaries

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