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Buckingham Palace reacts on Harry and Meghan interview

Buckingham Palace reacts on Harry and Meghan interview

Buckingham Palace has issued a statement following the interview given by Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex to Oprah Winfrey. Expressing sadness on ’how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan,’ the statement from the Palace statement adds, ’The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning.’ It said the issues ’will be addressed by the family privately.’

Vark 0 months

Meghan is a typical privileged American who thought she should have the right to change everything to be about her. She should be ignored. 1000 years of royal heritage has seen worst than some nobody.

Dave 0 months

Meghan best avoid any tunnels.

Daniel 0 months

She had been a train wreck of narcissistic privilege from the beginning. It is sad to see how she first turns on the very family and institution she wanted to belong too, and then cries victim when she realized it's not one big power party... I can never imagine what it would be like to have grown up as Prince Harry, (loosing a mother, being second in everything) but I do wish he would have grown more of a back bone...

Not-Illuminati 0 months

Meghan has such a massive ego, as much as I really liked Prince Harry for what he did in the Royal Marines and afterwards with the Invictus Games and all, Meghan is toxic to the Royal institution, so he's gotta make a choice between the two. If he really wants to be with Meghan, he should abdicate his position from Royal succession.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Immediately disown these brats and remove them from any inheritance. They are pure trash and shouldn't muddy up the royal line.

Brenda 0 months

I am tired of hearing -“Meghan Markle’s & Prince Harry’s reaction of the day”. By choice, they are in the news daily. There is over 1/2 million people dead in the USA from COVID, people are losing their homes, jobs, and lining up in food lines. These two signed $100 Million deal with Netflix, and do a tell all interview to whine about rough life as a Royal. They are worth about $40 million prior to the Netflix deal, yet they complained when they moved to Canada they didn’t have a security detail. This is how entitled they feel, OMG pay for your own security.

Alessandro 0 months

Meghan seems not to have understood the Royal Family life is a privileged one, and thus high duties and level of stress and complex situations come with it. Nothing is for free in this world, not even for monarchs. She made the right decision to leave that life, as she was clearly not ready nor she had the skills to handle it.

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 0 months

Who else was confused af when first hearing about this and needed it spelled out that Meghan is somehow black because...she's not black? Show of hands?

Tommy 0 months

Maybe the royal family should stop letting Americans in, it hasn't worked out in both instances.

Met Man
Met Man 0 months

She heard people being worried about the colour of the baby. I would be too if my partner was ginger!

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

There are some similarities to Edward and Mrs. Simpson on the make up of the two couples. Where these differences end is that Harry is not the heir to the throne. But American women who have been divorced a couple of times, seem to spell disaster for the Royal family. Mind you Edward was a Nazi sympathizer, but Harry wore an SS officers uniform to a party back in the day, so perhaps not so different after all.

John W
John W 0 months

They renounced their royality, because they said it sucked. Now they want the kid to be one? If not the family is racist? I'm not a fan of the Royals but this just more woke lies.

GB Oz 0 months

Harry failed Meghan by not giving her a heads up to what life would be really like, how diff it would be. Harry failed Meghan by not stating , being ashamed, of hers and his true mental health problems. Harry can be no ambassador for mental health if that’s his attitude to helping.

Dewayne 0 months

Megan is not of royal blood line, but what she is though is a spoiled little hood rat that will never be a princess.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 0 months

Back in 1998, Prince Philip asked a young student who had just returned from the mysterious, magical country of Papua New Guinea whether on his travels he had been scared of 'getting eaten'. 

Csaba 0 months

Said on day one that this would happen.

GB Oz 0 months

It's sad Harry ended up throwing his Grandmother under a bus

wilhemena 0 months

it is a good thing Markle wasn't around in the early 1500s

FREDERICK 0 months

Another Markle debacle. Her pattern of behaviour is to destroy close personal relationships. Poor Harry will be next, so it’s a shame he broke bridges with his UK clan. Surely her lucrative Netflix gig is dead seeing as she now carries way too much baggage.

Indo 0 months

How dare they ! Who do they think they are !! Guess, BB Blunder got something to say about it.

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