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Publisher halts promotion of Cuomo’s book over nursing homes probe

Publisher halts promotion of Cuomo’s book over nursing homes probe

Crown Publishing Group, the publisher of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s book – ’American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic’ – has stopped promoting the book. It said the probe into the Cuomo administration’s withholding of data on the Covid-19 deaths in NY nursing homes was the reason for the decision. Currently, Cuomo is facing accusations of sexual harassment by ex-aides.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

The publisher of this book should drop Cuomo for what he did. Putting sick people in to senior homes in New York and causing the deaths of 15,000 people and then having people in his administration cover it up

Madje 1 months

Oh look, the story they refused to run until the election was over. The media was all friendly with him, putting him on magazines and giving him awards until then. Yet, they new all this was happening. We’ve all known this story. But, you can’t know what the media doesn’t want you to and you can’t know anything until they decide it’s “safe” for you to know. They see themselves as curators of information, not reporters.

Andy 1 months

What? No conservatives here crying about "cancel culture" and "free speech?" No? Good, because it's a backwards thing to say here, and it was backwards to say for Hawley

Rocket 1 months


Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 months

So, Crown publishing doesn’t do “due diligence” when vetting potential authors, good to know when paroozing their book lists in the future.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

But this was a known fact in June we were saying this. Him and 5 other Dem governors did this to pump up the numbers to make orange man look bad.

Sigfried 1 months

Getting it from both ends I see. Too bad those still touting muh Trump death toll only care about the sexual assault allegations and not the seniors that died at Cuomo's hands.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

Need an idea... Allow publication; with the stipulation that all proceeds go toward righting the wrongs done with a matching amount due from the author. Let's see how his fans really stand?

Matthew 1 months

Good, I am glad the attempt to focus attention onto Cuomo saying off color things and "hugging too tight" is not working completely. Yeah, he is kinda a creep but can we focus on the fact that this POS allowed thousands to die, and then covered it up, for political reasons. I understand mistakes being made when dealing with a pandemic. That doesn't even make you a bad guy, let alone a murderer. However, when you are told that your decision are costing lives and you continue to do it due to political considerations and then cover it up, you cross the line into evil. Not to mention that this POS accepted an Emmy and months of praise for his covid response. I hope the rest of his life he is ostracized by society and completely alone.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 1 months

B.. b.. but Cuomo is the Emmy winning king of TDS and the master of lockdowns and protecting his state from Covid. Seems like the jig is up on this buffoon. His party knew it all along but he was just a useful idiot because of his rabid Orange Man bad tendencies.

John W
John W 1 months

Early mass spread of covid, tied to Cuomo's actions. Genetic testing shows that the outbreak in New York was seeded by travelers from Europe, and that it was the New York variant — not the West Coast variant that arrived directly from China — that seeded the rest of the country. The New York Times reported last year that the New York variant was responsible for 70 percent of covid-19 cases in Texas, 78 percent of cases in Wisconsin, 80 percent in Alaska, 84 percent in Arizona and 100 percent in Louisiana. As Nathan Grubaugh, an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Public Health, told the Times, “New York was the primary gateway for the rest of the country.”

Madam I'm Adam
Madam I'm Adam 1 months

How dare they cancel Cuomo for his opinions. His opinion that those nursing home residents needed to die is just as valid as yours! (If you're unable to tell if this post is sarcasm or not, then that shows you just how serious the problem is.)

tw_cc 1 months

They're working on rebranding: "How I Killed Your Mother"

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months


RichieRamirez 1 months

What? I needed some life lessons from thi guy.

John W
John W 1 months

Leadership lessons just change title to, what not to do.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 1 months

It's the Chinese formula, kill the old before you go to war. Can't waste a cent.

Chris 1 months

Cancel culture sucks when you are on the wrong side of it

Charles 1 months

No doubt. The publisher wants to make money. With this pervert/killer of the elderly, the publisher will go broke.

Indo 1 months

When the saints go marchin in. You be ready for your specially built pyre.

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