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French schoolgirl admits her lie got teacher beheaded

French schoolgirl admits her lie got teacher beheaded

A French schoolgirl, 13, has confessed to lying about her teacher, Samuel Paty, which set off events that led an Islamist to behead him in 2020. Reports said the girl told her father that she was suspended when Paty asked Muslim students to leave the class before he showed toons of the Prophet Muhammad. The father then filed a case and the news reached social media. Paty was killed 10 days later.

6Million$Mansplainer 1 months

As if the cartoons being a lie somehow changes makes any difference. The beheading was animalistic behavior by animals.

cooldude 1 months

HER LIE GOT SOMEONE BRUTALLY F*CKING MURDERED ! I consider the girl partially responseable for the murder. If she were an adult she’d have 3rd or 2nd degree murder charges over her head. EDIT: I understand where people are coming from in their disagreements with the points above. I do believe that the girl should be punished for indirectly causing the murder. She has *some* blood on her hands, about as much as a worker producing bombs to be dropped on Germany during WW2 would have. They indirectly caused death and facilitated those dropping the bombs to drop said bombs.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 1 months

The old, you don't need evidence to get convicted by Islam. This makes it all worse. Doesn't this mean in the eyes of Islam the teachers family gets to behead the girl now?

Morbo 1 months

Well Mohammed had a woman poet executed, probably by beheading her, for mocking him in a poem. If you promote or accept intolerant ideologies like Islam or socialism you can expect outragous results to even the hint of critisising either. Just as Australia found out when they suggested China's involvement in Wuhan flu spread should be investigated indepedantly, What a crime!!!

Me 1 months

#ListenAndBelieve #BelieveAllWomen. Sure its ok isn't it. It was only a man who was the victim. Let's all make excuses claiming it's because she is a child she should not be held to account. False accusations, whether of religious blasphemy, rape, sexual assault, DV et al destroy lives and that is the objective of the false accuser and this had become a sport in a world where women and girls are believed without question or evidence. All those making them should face significant time in prison

z3phyrus14 1 months

Who even cares why it happened. A man was beheaded. That’s grounds to toss out that entire culture and anyone that ascribes to it. Where is cancel culture when you need it? Oh right, grooming the Islamic population to be their useful tool of violence against people with moral convictions that don’t result in violence at the very sight of difference.

scientist 1 months

She's 13. While she did get a man killed, she's a teenager who makes mistakes in a broken government. That's a pretty terrible combination... I'm not defending her actions, but at least she confessed; as that's a pretty brave and dangerous thing to do in that kind of government. Yet, while she may have been the smoking gun, and the executioner may have pulled the trigger; it's about time we start cross examining those who provide the ammunition as well as the abhorrent society whom built the weapon in the first place. If they had real justice, and understood children tell talltales when they can - not to mention accepting religious differences, most importantly - none of this barbarianism would have come about in the first place.

jen 1 months

This girl hardly understood or could have predicted the repercussions of her actions. Calling for her lifelong incarceration makes you just as barbaric as the killer. It is a tragedy, but at least she had the awareness and strength to admit what happened. The lesson will stay with her forever.

Robert 1 months

Yeah, let's focus on the little girl, not the people that still cling to mythology so tightly they behead people for disrespecting it. Between the pandering to Muslims and the CCP I'm not sure what to do. Do I learn Chinese or chop my own head off?

Neil 1 months

"her lie got teacher beheaded" i really hope that's not the narrative that they're feeding that poor child. What she did was wrong but kids make mistakes. Adults committing murder in the name of religion is a much bigger mistake. Terrorists are infinitely more dangerous than a freakin child

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 months

It's not the kids fault. It's France's fault for forcing their citizens to live with barbaric foreigners.

Freddy 1 months

Not her fault her family and those around her are crazy! It was an honest mistake made by a child y’all don’t have to lose your heads over this!

Madje 1 months

How about just don’t believe children. Take what they say with several grains of salt. We all know they lie and have more incorrect perceptions. Yet, too many adults want to act like the word of a child is infallible or something.

Tommy 1 months

Drag her in for murder. She's just as responsible as the man who wielded the knife.

michael 1 months

She needs to be in prison. Maybe for life.

Al 1 months

demonic creatures in plain sight

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months

She should be held liable

Aaron 1 months

Ok, did she lie to knowingly get him killed? Or did she lie out of fear of her father?

Mike 1 months

Religion of peace..

Collin 1 months

Abolish all religions!

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