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Disney+ has more than 100 million subscribers

Disney+ has more than 100 million subscribers

Disney Plus has officially surpassed 100M subscribers, less than a year and a half after the streaming service launched. While executives didn’t say what pushed Disney Plus over 100M subscribers, the recent success of WandaVision and Raya and the Last Dragon likely helped. Disney execs originally predicted that Disney Plus would amass between 60 and 90M subscribers by 2024.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 1 months

This news will embolden Disney to continue ruining our favorite franchises and fire employees with different political opinions.

Lcifer 1 months

Not surprised considering anyone who had verizon unlimited last year (maybe the year before not sure anymore)was automatically signed up for free for a year and then the bill was shifted to be part of the phone bill and alot of people have verizon unlimited so the real question is how many of those people use it or just haven't cancelled the account thinking it's still free?

Matt 1 months

I'm 38, I work in tech, I have 4 kids. Disney Plus is amazing. We don't watch a ton of screenstuff, but there's a lot of high quality content for kids, when they do consume it. Also Disney should stfu about political stuff, and stop destroying their own brand by being woke. It's weak. Don't go broke. Be not fake woke, and just serve content, please.

Indo 1 months

Well is there any alternative to child's play anywhere. Its all kids n fantasies in every scope of entertainment

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