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Florida teenager takes realtor hostage before shooting him dead

Florida teenager takes realtor hostage before shooting him dead

A teenager, 15, was arrested and charged in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for taking a real estate agent, Stefano Barbosa, hostage and shooting him dead in a car. Authorities, who didn’t identify the minor boy, said teenager was arrested while in custody in an unrelated case and was charged in the case with second-degree murder and armed robbery. Prosecutors said the teenager will be tried as an adult.

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 1 months

Throw the book at this kid he likely cannot be turned around. They should also get people to his home, if he has siblings they're likely headed down the same path. Let's get them some guidance disapline and help that this kids parents failed to give him.

Debra 1 months

Where is all this hatred and craziness coming from? The other commenter is right - an intervention is needed at that household for sure. What was the environment that bred this horror? And surely there is more where that came from. So sad for all concerned. 🥺😱.

Billy 1 months

As a society we must band together and show these miscreants that murder WILL NOT be tolerated. Age be damned.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

I'm literally not shocked about anything that happens in Florida anymore. I mean it's a republican run state what the heck did u think was gonna happen?

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 1 months

Why are they mentioning the victim's occupation when it has nothing to do with the story?

Christopher 1 months

So is this"Florida boy" or since he's being tried as an adult is it Florida man?

TaxTheRich 1 months

Mao was right kid.

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