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Austin continues requiring masks, defies Texas Gov Greg Abbott

Austin continues requiring masks, defies Texas Gov Greg Abbott

The Austin City Council defied Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s rules, and said that masks would still be required in the city. The decision by the City Council comes one day before the statewide mandate is set to expire. The Austin City Council further said the decision stemmed from recommendations by Austin-Travis County Interim Health Authority Dr. Mark Escott.

Tom A
Tom A
Seekster 1 months

How is this defying the governor? All Abbott said was that the state will no longer be requiring people to wear masks in public. Counties, cities, schools, and businesses can still require people to wear masks though. Austin has every right to do what they are doing and it in no way goes against anything the governor said.

Randy Rand
Randy Rand 1 months

Sheep will be sheep.

PC Radical Centrist🔴🔵🟢🟡
PC Radical Centrist🔴🔵🟢🟡 1 months


Ren 1 months

I am proud of Austin right now. Lets keep Austin weird!!!!!

E N..
E N.. 1 months

Austin listens to the science, the governor relies on magical thinking.

Rocket 0 months

Everyone knows that Austin🤡🐑💩 Texas is a Liberal Nightmare in the heart of the great State of Texas. A bunch of parano'd 'w'ke' pansies! 🤢

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