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Man admits to filming, taunting dying policewoman

Man admits to filming, taunting dying policewoman

An Australian man has pleaded guilty to filming and mocking cops as they lay dying at a crash scene. Richard Pusey was in his car on a freeway last year when he was pulled over by four officers for speeding. While the officers were making his arrest, they were struck by a passing lorry. All four died. ’There you go. Amazing,’ Pusey was seen saying in a video on the constable’s body-worn camera.

truth seeker
truth seeker 0 months

I do not understand people now days. Has the teachers indoctrinated kids this badly or is this what parents are teaching their children to act like. How would he feel if that was his mother,sister or grandmother. Probably not a darn thing.

Emmie 0 months

Absolutely reprehensible. That four people lay dying, and he was disappointed that he might not get to eat sushi?! Tgen he fled the scene? This is narcissism and sadly, it is defended by some. We all should care for each other, and when someone is hurt, you help. Period.

TexasReb 0 months

All I can say is Wow. Humanity is being lost.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 0 months

That's so sad. How can a person be so cruel to another?

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