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Now, NY’s Cuomo under scrutiny over bridge that could collapse

Now, NY’s Cuomo under scrutiny over bridge that could collapse

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, already besieged by the nursing homes Covid-19 deaths probe and accusations of sexual harassment, is now under lens over an alleged cover-up of serious flaws in the Mario M Cuomo Bridge in the state. In 2018, dozens of steel bolts holding the bridge broke apart. Now, a whistleblower turned over recordings showing officials knew of it but suppressed the findings.

Sydney 1 months

This reminds me of the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge. Democratic states are notorious for not maintaining iconic infrastructure.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

Mario M. Cuomo and his namesake bridge. And then there's little Andrew and Chris. A nice happy famiglia/dynasty. Maybe when talking about passed-on privilege, these guys can be part of the conversation.

Arthur 1 months

Is tere anything this man didn't turn to trash!

bobby_5150 1 months

I bet he's kicked a dog, too.

Michael 1 months

Let’s face it Governor Coumo, New York governor, is not a very nice person and he never has been I’m surprised he was elected governor of New York city I believe it is a family thing since his father once was governor his brother Quito, the (pimp) on CNN is just as bad as his brother

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