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EU admits it falsely accused UK of banning Covid-19 vaccine exports

EU admits it falsely accused UK of banning Covid-19 vaccine exports

The European Union has admitted its claim of Britain blocking exports of Covid-19 vaccine doses produced in the country was wrong. A European Council spokesman said EC chief Charles Michel ’didn’t get it quite right’ when he accused Britain a couple of days earlier. However, the spokesman didn’t offer an apology on the 27-nation bloc’s behalf. Michel’s comment drew a strong response from Britain.

Mathieu 0 months

At this point I'm wondering if the EU is deliberately making Brexit look good.

James 0 months

If EC chief Michel "didn't get it quite right" and hasn't developed the most basic courtesy to apologise for his stupidity, then why is he the EC chief. Sounds like he doesn't have the acumen to tie his own shoes.

Jon 0 months

This just in, large centrally planned government is bad.

GB Oz 0 months

The EU is a basket case. They need to get over WWI and WWII mentality. Look at Australia and New Zealand, we abided by lockdowns, social distancing and more. For what, because we knew it was the right and best response to keep us safe. We value our freedoms as much as any country, but seems we have more confidence and faith in our Government and Science.

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