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Senate confirms Marcia Fudge as HUD Secretary

Senate confirms Marcia Fudge as HUD Secretary

Marcia Fudge was confirmed by the Senate to be President Joe Biden’s new secretary of Housing and Urban Development by a vote of 66-34. She will be taking over from Matt Ammon, the Acting HUD Secretary. She will also have to leave her seat as a Democratic House member from Ohio to join the Biden administration. She has served as the representative for Ohio’s 11th congressional district since 2008.

Tom A
Tom A
Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

This won't be an utter disaster.🤔

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

I’m intrigued to see how forming a cabinet around identity and “inclusion” will actually work better than competence and meritocracy. If people in government are pushing to serve only portions of the population due to skin colour and gender and neglect the majority to do this, or even vilify the majority in the process, they have no business representing anyone.

geckouni 0 months

Why doing a job have to see through skin color.....? Because too much freedom...?

D 0 months

Dought she will do any better in Congress if she could not get the job done to lift communities or protect kids as Mayor . Just another token.

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