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President Joe Biden to sign COVID relief bill on Friday

President Joe Biden to sign COVID relief bill on Friday

President Joe Biden is expected to sign the coronavirus relief bill on Friday. Jen Psaki said that the Biden administration is ’moving full speed ahead on the implementation of the bill.’ It is unclear if Biden will hold a signing ceremony for the bill, which could include lawmakers. The President is also due to deliver a prime-time address marking the 1-year anniversary of COVID-related shutdowns

Tom A
Tom A
Julian 1 months

Instead of making governors open the country, our government thinks borrowing money and enslaving young/future generations in debt will “stimulate” the economy

Randall 1 months

Just sign the dam thing already. Screw the phuqing ceremony.

Christopher 1 months

President Joe Biden is the American people president, not the me, myself and I president that Trump was. We are definitely achieving GREATNESS under President Biden.

steve 1 months

I wonder If young conservative’s vitriol was also bestowed on the last Uber progressive, Trump, to occupy the White House? Funny how MAGA forgets the $4 trillion already doled out be the previous regime. Pork is pork. Biden’s just the latest in a long line of big spending big government progressives. No conservatives among them. Zero degrees of separation.

Rafael 1 months

Hey Tony if you don't know you'd better call somebody.

DScott 1 months

Pork alert

Jon 1 months

And will it relieve Covid? Or just slip pork through?

Jus 1 months

A ceremony?!?! I can’t....

Diddy 1 months

Not my President.

Tony 1 months

What is in the bill? Since only about 10% is going to the american people.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

Enemy of the people

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