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Biden administration leverages foreign aid to slow migration

Biden administration leverages foreign aid to slow migration

President Joe Biden’s administration is now seeking ’explicit commitments’ from Central American governments that they are addressing issues that are making people migrate. The administration said the proposed $4 billion in US aid to the region, if approved by Congress, wouldn’t go to governments but to communities and organizations that are working to mitigate the region’s causes for migration.

chris 0 months

So paying shatty corupt governments to keep their best and brightest is going to curb immigrating coyotes and promises of free everything? Good plan.

Seekster 0 months

I think Biden meant to say that the Border is open. Either he misspoke or he is incorrect.

MrVairhein 0 months


Sergio 0 months

The border towns are screwed

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 0 months

Do they really want the US of all countries to get involved? Something tells me that won't end well

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