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Virus relief bill delivers on ’promises’, says Schumer

Virus relief bill delivers on ’promises’, says Schumer

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader said that the coronavirus relief bill which has been passed recently delivers on ’promises’. The House of Representatives has passed a sweeping pandemic relief package amid opposition by members of the Republican Party. The coronavirus relief bill has now been sent to President Joe Biden, who is expected to sign it into law on Thursday.

Tom A
Tom A
zJamz 1 months

Promises to their donors while shorting regular people. I wonder if it will still lower social security and medicaid payments.

Viviko 1 months

The question is what promises.

Glen 1 months

Promise to bankrupt America maybe!

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 1 months

Anyone see the video yesterday with getting confused while touring a local shop

David 1 months

Promises to who? I don't consider 8% making good on anything except dim run cities & states.

Rocket 0 months

The "promises" referred to by Crying Chuck Schumer🤡💩 are KICKBACKS and BRIBES to be paid for 91% of the money in the $1.9 TRILLIO" "Covid Reli"f" package. The remaining 9% is what is actually provided to people and small businesses DESTROYED by CORRUPT COMMUNIST DEMOCRAPS!!!

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