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Murder warrant issued against Texas cop for fatally shooting unarmed suspect

Murder warrant issued against Texas cop for fatally shooting unarmed suspect

A murder warrant has been issued for the arrest of Christopher Taylor, a Texas policeman, for the fatal shooting of Michael Ramos, an unarmed drug suspect. In the April 24, 2020 incident, Ramos got out of the car with his hands up and his shirt raised when police arrived at an apartment parking. But when Ramos got back into the car ignoring orders to remain outside, Taylor shot him with a rifle.

michael 0 months

We need to stop treating drugs like they deserve lethal enforcement. Why is alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine ok? We used to put cocaine in baby tonic. When we tried to ban alcohol we acknowledged it was a bad idea. Stop the war on drugs, it is so much deadlier than doing nothing. And if you MUST spend money to fight drugs, offer free rehab.

Jon 0 months

So... the cop has to wait until he sees the gun in your hand before he defends himself? I've seen where that ends up: dead cops. Here's an idea, if a police officer gives you an order, shaddap and obey it.

Robert 0 months

Glad this one got a bullet, rather than hanging out getting high in prison, sucking up all those tax dollars for hepatitis treatments. Bullet is much cheaper.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 0 months

Of course the pic for the story shows the guy standing there with his hands up which leads people to believe that this is how he was shot. Full context is never given.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

If you refuse to submit to law enforcement, then you will enjoy the consequences of that decision. I have no sympathy for people that think it's a good idea to ignore or defy the police.

Oliver Holzerfül
Oliver Holzerfül 0 months

FREEZE! STOP! I WILL SHOOT, PLEASE STOP! I SAID STOP, PUT THE WEAPON DOWN! headlines: racist officer shoots mostly peaceful criminal

E N..
E N.. 0 months

America: comply or die, apparently.

Jackson 0 months

Tf when getting banned from Twitter for harassing a trans women is 1984 police state end times but cops executing people for disobeying orders is fine

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