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Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama call upon Americans to get vaccinated

Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama call upon Americans to get vaccinated

All living former presidents except Donald Trump urged Americans to get the Covid vaccine. In one of the two new ’It’s Up To You’ campaign videos, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W Bush and Laura Bush, and Barack and Michelle Obama are seen receiving an anti-Covid jab. In the other video, Clinton, Bush and Obama are seen together in a vaccine appeal to American people.

Mike 0 months

The worst presidents in my lifetime call on me to get vaccinated....what a joke. No thanks. You can keep your software updates for the body. I already lived through covid-19(it was just like the flu folks). Not gonna get a vaccine until it goes through the normal testing(5-7yrs).

noonespecific 0 months

I wonder if in 20 years we will be seeing commercials on tv or what ever replaces it asking if you or a loved one developed this disease or died of the covid vaccine..

Rocky 0 months

Unnecessary. Already have superior natural immunity just like over a hundred million other Americans. We don't need it and definitely don't want it.

Nathan 0 months

Thats a false, untruthful description. President Trump pushed the companies to make the vaccine, received the vaccine, and encouraged Americans to get the vaccine.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Globalist anti AMERICANS unite for something no thanks must be pure trash if they're pushing for it.

Aaron 0 months

"...except Donald Trump..." Oh please, I highly doubt they'd have allowed him to be in their video.

TheDadJokeGuy 0 months

I didn't even know Carter was still alive

Jacob 0 months

Each one of them sold out the american people, why would we trust them?

Vincent 0 months

Four war criminals asking me to inject stuff into my body is not my idea of a good time.

Nick 0 months

They can all get lost.

dj 0 months

Here's me waiting for nostrodamus zombie apocalypse prediction in 2021 to come true so I can be a legend 😂

edwin 0 months

Yeah, no. They couldn't get H1N1 right and 6 countries have said eff no to some of these vaccines.

Charles 0 months

Na, I'm not taking the bullet. I want to live. Chances of getting COVID are 1%. I'm good.

Nautilus 0 months

And if we say no?

GB Oz 0 months

Clinton is a deceptive, a liar. Cannot trust that woman

CoLpOeSnED 0 months

Hey look! A murder of war criminals!

chris 0 months

Hey! Four people that I can't trust to stab me in the back correctly. Yep I'll listen to em!

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 0 months

Operation Warp Speed was which president again? "Except Trump" is poor framing here.

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