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US jobless claims fall to 712,000 as layoffs slow down

US jobless claims fall to 712,000 as layoffs slow down

The number of American workers who applied for jobless benefits fell to about 712,000 in the week that ended March, the Department of Labor said. It is a drop of 42,000 from the previous week. This is seen as a result of lesser layoffs as Covid-19 cases are coming down and economy showing signs of improvement. Around 478,000 gig workers filed claims for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance last week.

truth seeker
truth seeker 1 months

How are labor markets rising when businesses are shutting down or demented Biden closed them down? Must be one of their sick brainwashing memes for the others to believe so they can say something positive about this 3 ring circus.

coughdrop1989 1 months

Nice to see some of the 150,000 imigrants we just let in america got jobs. What about the americans born in america? Oh yea thats right we get a stimulus check that barely pays one month rent for me.... Thanks.

noonespecific 1 months

Who would take a job when the government will give you more on unemployment and then make it tax free?

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 months

Orwell lives! The ministry of truth is working overtime to ensure you only read what they want you to.

Nautilus 1 months

Imagine my shock.

JakeN 1 months

Is this just people leaving the workforce or actual job increases?

Braindead 0 months

Yeah right!! He killed over 100k job in oil industry and another 20k on the border wall. Then open the borders to allow any and all immigrants to cone and get free everything because the middle class will pay for it. The dems think that taxing people that making over 400k are going to pay for this new bills he signing into law. 😆🤣 Not going to happen the dems want 2 types of Ameri'a's the poor and the rich why do you think he open the borders to kill the middle class jobs and lifestyles.

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