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Bill tightening background checks on guns approved by House

Bill tightening background checks on guns approved by House

Two pieces of legislation which are aimed at strengthening background checks on firearm sales and transfers were approved by the House of Representatives. The Bipartisan Background Checks Act aims to ’utilize the current background checks process’ as it tries to ensure that individuals who have been prohibited from possessing a gun are unable to obtain one.

Tom A
Tom A
Mutatis 1 months

Just gives more power to the Federal government, and nothing tangible in return.

Rocky 1 months

Useless. This law has zero chance at preventing any illegal activities. If we pretend this law was already in effect and look back at over a decade of mass shootings we see not a single one would have been prevented. So what does this law do? It makes sure that young mothers have to wait longer to utilize their natural right to self preservation and perhaps get raped or murdered on their way home from bartending or waitressing. It slows the ability of those needing life saving equipment to protect their families when they are too poor to move out of bad neighborhoods. All around horrible legislation. If you want to help Americans then get rid of useless gun laws that restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to get the equipment they need to protect themselves. Get rid of gun free zones (aka easy target zones). Make concealed carry the national norm. These are policies that can actually save lives.

Met Man
Met Man 1 months

My only problem with this is that in many states things like getting divorced are a reason for them to withhold a gun licence. They can just add all sorts of nonsense to the list to stop people from buying guns legally. They should first make a clear list of criteria that one should adhere to.

EverythingisStupid 1 months

Did you know that it's illegal to rob a bank with a bulletproof vest on? I wonder how many bank robbers have seriously thought: "I would wear this bulletproof vest while comitting this crime, but that's illegal"... I say this to say- if someone is willing to break one law, presumably a much bigger law (i.e. murder, robbery, rape), another law isn't going to stop them. This law will just increase the underground market. How can I make that last statement for certain, you ask? Every single drug that has been outlawed has just gone underground and, for the most part, increased in sales.

E N..
E N.. 1 months

Finally, some small action on gun control. If the gun enthusiasts are the responsible gun owners they claim to be, this should be welcome on both sides. It certainly enjoys popular support.

Jellybean 1 months

Want real gun control? Mandate hands on firearm safety classes for everyone in school. Show them close up video of the aftermath of a shooting, like they used to do with accident videos in drivers ed to scare people about drunk or reckless driving. The babies that cry to the cops and "feel threatened" every time they see a gun handled normally and responsibly are the true problem.

george 1 months

Is this like making drugs illegal? We should make drugs illegal so nobody will do them.

Kevin 1 months

I think gun owners need to fight this fight it till Hell Freezes Over and then fight it on. the ice Never Surrender to these liberal maggots

Tengu 1 months

“But how many of those 112,000 were prosecuted for that crime of trying to acquire that gun? According to the DOJ, 12 one to 12 in a year. Who were the other 100,000?” Prosecutions hit an all time low under Obama. They don't care about safety or crime. It's literally all pretense for a ban.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 1 months

Sure, what's more paperwork. Got to keep someone employed. Does this stop the wrong person buying a gun? Probably no more than the previous checks in place, may stop 1 or 2 if any at all and that will give someone a warm fuzzy feeling and whoever thought this new check/s was worth it. Gotta love bureaucracy.

Jordan 1 months

Im a gun owner and i dont like that the FBI does it idk how i feel about that. But besides that im ok with it. Im not ok with everything biden is trying to do gun regulation wize and believes he goes to far and that this is the beginning of a slippery slope. That is scary to me. Hopefully others keep it in check and at a nice ballance where good people may still arm themselfs if they wish.

MIDESSA 1 months

Not nearly enough. I wouldn't even call it a good start but as long as this isnt some pacifier then dropped until the next mass shooting.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

I seriously don't understand why they think they need more laws. I mean they already have data checks on anyone and everyone. If you think this will stop some thug from getting a gun you are out of touch with reality

truth seeker
truth seeker 1 months

E.N. this has already been the law. For several years now when you purchase a gun you have to fill out a form, they check your back ground, this is your fearless leader lying to you to make you believe they are really doing something. This is not going to stop criminals from possessing guns. Criminals are not going to goto a store/dealer to purchase them to begin with. Common sense.

Jonathan 1 months

Sounds like a law they never can enforce without a gun registry requirement, I bet that will be the reason for their next bill which will insist on such

michael 1 months

This is what we need, not new laws, but updating our old ones and closing loopholes.

jamie 1 months

Hopefully both bills never get past the senate. Shall not be infringed.

Jesse 1 months

As if there weren't enough hoops to jump through. Hope anyone claiming to vote Republican because they care about rights can pull their head out of their colons soon.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

“The Bipartisan Background Checks Act — spearheaded by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) — looks to “utilize the current background checks process” in an attempt to ensure individuals prohibited from possessing a gun are unable to obtain one.” “The bill passed by a 227-203 vote with eight Republicans backing the measure and one Democrat, Rep. Jared Golden (Maine), bucking his party to vote against it.” How did that only pass by 24 votes. It is literally an act that ensures individuals prohibited from possessing a gun are unable to obtain one. Only 8 republicans backed this and 1 dem did not?! Logic means nothing to these people. It is literally a bill to prevent people who should not possess guns from possessing guns.

Remy 1 months

Yes, let's tighten the ropes on people trying to own their guns legally so that eventually the only people with guns are the criminals that don't go through the proper channels anyway. Sounds great! /s

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