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Denmark becomes 6th EU nation to halt AstraZeneca Covid vaccine over blood clots

Denmark becomes 6th EU nation to halt AstraZeneca Covid vaccine over blood clots

Denmark has become the latest European country to halt the AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine after some people who received it developed ’severe cases’ of blood clots. At least one of them is said to have died because of the clotting. Earlier, five EU nations – Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia – stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine from the same single batch over the same concerns.

Met Man
Met Man 0 months

They say they were all from the same batch. It is possible that the European made version has a production fault. In the UK this problem does not appear to be happening and they have vaccinated millions already.

michael 0 months

Well, when you have to rush something, not all results will be good. This is why so many were being developed at once. I'm curious though why this didn't show up during the earlier phases.

Morbo 0 months

I get the distinct feel of EU interferance here. Im pretty sure this wouldn't be happening if the same situation occured and the UK was still in the EU. Theyve been sore ever since we showed them up for the costly bureocratic road block they are.

David 0 months

The one thing that’s confusing is that it says that the ratio is no different than the general population getting blood clots. So it’s the same with/ without..

Bernice 0 months

Yahoo’s News is a bit misleading, only a certain batch of AstraZenica jabs was stopped.

computron 0 months

Hmm. Where E.N. To cry that everybody’s just cowards and to get that jab anyway and stop being selfish?

Shono 0 months

We have been saying this!!

Aeterus 0 months

Norway too!

Shono 0 months

Thailand too!!

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