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Pennsylvania to pay $475,000 to family of pot suspect killed by dozer

Pennsylvania to pay $475,000 to family of pot suspect killed by dozer

The state of Pennsylvania will pay $475,000 to the estate of a man who died underneath a bulldozer that Pennsylvania State Police had used to chase him for growing a marijuana plants. Gregory Longenecker, 51, had fled into thick brush after being caught growing 10 marijuana plants on public land near Reading. His body was found under the treads of a Pennsylvania Game Commission bulldozer.

Jon 0 months

Why was that even an issue? You confiscate the plants. Maybe issue a citation. Not worth the trouble of an arrest.

Andrew 0 months

Jesus Christ. Really doing a bang up job PA state police. All that over 10 plants.

Vincent Kozic
Vincent Kozic 0 months

Not sure half a mil is enough to make up for the optics nightmare coming from having a man literally crushed by the f'ing state for growing pot. Something tells me that's a bad look.

General 0 months

How did the man not move when the bulldozer starts up? And, why is this amount of money a fair shake? The family shouldn’t get rich over this. They weren’t there. I would say this was not the police’s fault because the man resisted arrest. The law is the law. Why don’t people understand that?

James 0 months

Since when did the police start using bulldozers to chase down suspects? Wouldn't it just be faster to run after them or is that beyond their athletic prowess?

Son Of Shaw
Son Of Shaw 0 months

Why is pot still illegal in 2021, while carcinogens are considered mainstream and approved by the FDA. For all that is beautiful about America, our regulations are a joke.

Nautilus 0 months

Imagine that. Growing plants on your own priavate property is illegal and cops won't stop at nothing to oppress you for it. Can't wait for the thin blue line types to defend this.

Michael R
Michael R 0 months

The officers involved should be charged for AT LEAST negligent manslaughter.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 0 months

Weird none of the reactionaries are saying they are happy another drug user is dead. Or that they are glad he’s not trying to get high in prison. Where is the talk about the profit margins and taxes paying for this?

James 0 months

Why is this dude's life only worth $475,000 when George Floyd's life is $27million?

Jane 0 months

These officers were in violation of title 18 US code 241 and 242 which are conspiracy and deprivation of rights under the color of law. 23 states have legalized cannabis and over 20 years of legalization has proven the safety and medicinal uses of cannabis. It also has shown us the safety of recreational consumption. This was not a crime that deserved this amount of force. We have every God-given right to use a plant that heals our body, NO MENS REA. This plant was made illegal based on lies and propaganda. James C Munch, the states witness Stated that he smoked cannabis and turned into a bat. Cannabis was made illegal in 1914 for recreational after aspirin was synthesized in 1893. Cannabis was in every Pharmacopoeia until 1942, 7 years after our government made cannabis illegal. Cannabis was also in every medical book as well. There is 10,000 + years of cannabis written history, 85 years of scientific fraud, scientific tyranny, medical fraud, medical tyranny, hiding relevant scientific research and thousands of patents on the plant and the synthetic version of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Why did the US Government HIDE THE COVID CANNABIS STUDIES THEY OUTDOURCED TO ISREAL? JUST LIKE THE ALZHIEMERS RESEARCH IN 2010 showing patients had improved memory and able to stay at home longer. This is the war crime for the past 85 years on us by the GOVERNMENT and the MEDIA!

Miranda 0 months

I can’t believe people are defending this. Nobody should be murdered over a plant. I do not *care* that it’s illegal. He should not have died. This is infuriating

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 0 months

How come when the police kill a white man its $475k but when they detain a black man who is overdosing on fentanyl it’s $27 million?

Mike 0 months

That's all?

Jackson 0 months

Can we just legalize pot already?

coughdrop1989 0 months

Coming from a democratic policy state that only voted Republican in 2016, its expected.

Mpcooner 0 months

All over weed. Ridiculous.

TaxTheRich 0 months


Cole. 0 months

Thank you democrats for being so anti pot!

wilhemena 0 months

i hope the tax payers appreciate the efforts of law enforcement

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