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CNN poll shows most Americans think worst of pandemic has passed

CNN poll shows most Americans think worst of pandemic has passed

A new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS revealed that after a year of the Covid-19 pandemic, around 77% of Americans think that the worst phase of the outbreak is over. Only around 30% of those surveyed said it was still the most important issue in the country. The positive public outlook on the pandemic comes as fewer cases are being reported now and the vaccination campaign is going on at a brisk pace.

Rocky 0 months

You can't poll your way out of a pandemic?!?🤦🏽‍♂️ What kind of propagandistic nonsense are they trying to spew now? Why do I always have to theorize on their nefarious motivations whenever they put cr@p like this out. Are they trying to stimulate the deceased economy with fake news? Is the federal reserve worried the realization of inflation will destroy their freaks show of a stock market? 't's always part of some bigger goal.

World 0 months

They are sadly mistaken! The Elites who have planned this CoVID seize of power, explicitly state in their UN funded simulation documents "there will be at LEAST TWO planned live exercises" and the 2nd one is actually going to be DEADLY! It is predicated that we will see the Second release next Year, and it will take 6 more years until humanity takes back control from Great Reset. It will be a bloodbath no doubt! The entire world cannot be complicit, humanity already WON but they are currently still a rude awakening is coming.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Is there a poll to see if people believe polls? Please put me down as a no.

Kenneth 0 months

Liberals are still hiding under their bed,99.7 %recovery and the world falls for a shot that is not CDC or FDA approved for wide spread use ,it was for emergency purposes only!

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