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Senior military leaders slam Tucker Carlson’s comments on women in uniform

Senior military leaders slam Tucker Carlson’s comments on women in uniform

Senior military leaders have slammed Tucker Carlson’s comments on women in the armed forces. Carlson, on his show, had remarked that China’s military has become ’more masculine,’ while ’our military needs to become, as Joe Biden says, more feminine.’ John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin shares the ’revulsion’ many senior leaders have expressed on Carlson’s comments.

Hannibal 0 months

Carlson's remarks were the true feelings of most men who've served in the last two decades. Anyone can trace the feminization of our armed forces. We spend enormous time and resources on sensitivity training, discussions on pro-woman gender relations, dramatically different physical standards, constant me-too lectures about the vital contributions of females and highlighting their accomplishments, etc. Meanwhile in reality single-sex units demonstrate greater combat readiness, fewer disciplinary issues, higher REAL pt scores (not the watered down female standards) and higher esprit de corps. Our introduction of woke values into our military is eroding our military readiness and the brass is terrified of the consequences of admitting it. But it's a fact nearly all veterans acknowledge.

Milkshake 0 months

China wouldn't have now reached an actual level of naval presence that threatens considerable losses and instability for USA in the event of a war, had the USA not been distracted with superficialities of life and superficial identity politics 24/7. A Pyrrhic victory is the best that the US navy can hope for at this rate in a naval war, and a Pyrrhic victory means a state of weakness to be exploited by other enemy countries like sharks waiting for prey to be weakened by China. Had the US military and US government not been distracted and focused away from the creeping competitor, and they not underestimated China and also Chinese bait as portraying itself as a glass cannon until it was ready with the steel one, this wouldn't have happened. Now US Commander veterans from the Pacific are coming out that it's looking worse by the day. One person's distraction with superficialities of life is another person's gain. The fact that USA has done nothing tangible to reverse some of the Chinese occupations of sea zones in South-East Asia since even the 1st term of Obama speaks enough for itself. Well, nothing us plebs can do except see how the future unfolds.

michael 0 months

It's amazing to me that our military men have behaved so poorly to their sisters in arms that we needed to spend time teaching them not to harrass or rape their fellow soldiers. And then these classes are derided as "woke" and "taking time away from training". I agree, so maybe our boys could STOP HARRASSING AND RAPING AND WE WONT NEED THOSE CLASSES. We have a bigger military than the next three countries combined, that INCLUDES russia and china. Stop being offended by the genitals of your fellow humans.

D 0 months

As US Military becomes woke, China and Russia strengthens theirs. America has become weak with leftist rhetoric.

E N..
E N.. 0 months

As usual, insecure men equate femininity with weakness.

Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue 0 months

For the military, we shouldn’t have male and female standards, the women should just have to be able to meet the same standards as the men.

Luddite 0 months

Howard Johnson is right! revvit!

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