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Groping allegation against Cuomo referred to police

Groping allegation against Cuomo referred to police

Albany Police Department said they were looking into the allegation of groping against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. They said they had communicated with the New York State Police and the governor’s office about the allegation by a female aide as it may have risen ’to the level of a crime,’ NYT reported. The aide said Cuomo allegedly put his hands inside her blouse and fondled her at his house.

Darknimbus3 0 months

Ok, so his poor policies killing thousands of elderlies is apparently “eh”, but THIS becomes worthy of getting the police involved?? More likely than not, like many other of these accusations, it’s merely politically motivated with little to no evidence. Is it just me or are there double standards running amock?

bobby_5150 0 months

Maybe he can share a cell with Blagojevich.

Rocket 0 months

All these sexual assault allegations against Cuomo🤡💩 are nothing but a smoke screen from his REAL CRIME: MASS MURDER! SCUMBAG CUOMO IS A MASS MURDERER! He should be PROSECUTED for MASS MURDER, then sentenced to DEATH by FIRING SQUAD or the ELECTRIC CHAIR, whichever is MORE PAINFUL!!!

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