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Biden aims to make all American adults eligible for Covid vaccine by May 1st

Biden aims to make all American adults eligible for Covid vaccine by May 1st

Joe Biden, during his first prime-time televised address as president, said he will direct states to make all adults eligible for Covid-19 vaccine by May 1. He announced that the federal government will launch a website on May 1 that will let people check where they can get a vaccine near them. The president said he wants to see families celebrate together again by July 4.

Alec 1 months

And this is coming from a person that called the entire state of Texas a bunch of Neanderthals...

Shono 1 months

Hahahahahahahaha Unity? From someone who pretends like antifa is just an idea while referring to anyone who disagrees him as "Neanderthals"

coughdrop1989 1 months

You know its bad when this was someone one who got the most votes ever. Yet every time he is mentioned I dont ever see one comment defending or glorifying him.

John W
John W 1 months

Yea the pandemic less than 1% if pop, the lockdowns crushed small business. U.S. Billionaires Added $1 Trillion To Their Collective Wealth Since The Start Of The Pandemic Why not address that?

ttocsick 1 months

All he said was that his administration was responsible for the vaccines and the distribution that they had absolutely nothing to do with, every action taken was already in place when he stole office. And...if we don't continue with the mask/distancing crap and start going to parties/cookouts and such, he's gonna lock it down. He doesn't have the respect or legitimacy to envoke any authority to lock down anything, which he doesn't have constitutionally anyway. What a bunch of incompetent, clueless marxist freaks. Absolute miserable group of fails for the times

Bryan_with_a_why 1 months

How about you release your unconstitutional grasp and let us return to normalcy on March 12? A year of this political garbage is a year too much. Time to return to normal and start the years long battle of putting these criminals in jail. Until you're willing to discuss that Demented Joey, shut your manchurian hole.

george 1 months

4100 people watched yet 80 million votes for him? Really?

Indo 1 months

Pleas dont be in too much of a hurry. Haste seriously does make waste. Smoothening and ironing things out takes effort and time.

That_Damn_Dragon 1 months

Woah, headline and summary changed

Charles 0 months

2021, the Summer of Death.

Csaba 0 months

He didnt do all this. Trump did.

Csaba 0 months

Operation Warpspeed!! Thank you Trump!

Somebody 0 months

Certainly hasn't been close to perfect but Dems are getting a lot done recently. Nice to see Congress actually doing their job.

Shono 0 months

You have been warned, you are a guinea pig if you choose to go forward. If you get cancer or MS or some autoimmune disorder, do not come crying !!

Csaba 0 months

When will he take questions?

Csaba 0 months

Hes being shielded from the press.

IIzard 0 months

Biden's stolen valour

Mike 0 months

You're eligible to kiss my rear sir

World 0 months

You will have to cut off my head before i ever fall for the jab trap!!! I know exactly what this is and we predicted it years ago, no way we will all fall for this fake vaccine

truth seeker
truth seeker 1 months

Why would anyone want a vaccine that will change your DNA? Why would you with a 99 7% survival rate? Why would you want a vaccine that you still could get the virus You still should social distance, you still need to wear not just one mask but two mask. You still can not go to a movie theater. Why would you want a vaccine for a virus that caused someone with no symptoms to die when they had a car wreck, not the trauma to the head. I find it strange that the virus seems to think, it knows not to make a child sick and it knows the color of ones skin to make sick. All these people are dying yet I personally do not know anyone who has had it. Why are the globalist pushing for everyone to take this jab? Hmm. Should make one wonder.

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