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Netflix is looking to crack down on password sharing

Netflix is looking to crack down on password sharing

Netflix is looking to crack down on password sharing with a new test ’designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so.’ When accessing a Netflix account, some users have reported seeing a pop-up message saying, ’If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.’

AnCap - Taxation is theft
AnCap - Taxation is theft 1 months

Just VPN and watch everything online for free there are tons of great sites that Haven even the most obscure stuff out there.

jon 0 months

*Assumes Saruman's voice So you have chosen...bankruptcy.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

Netflix is cancer, they have good tf shows and movies but everything they make is woke garbage, as a Witcher fan, yall have ruined it, thanks

Lcifer 0 months

Not really sure how well that's gonna work since they have a options for multiple screens of I have a account setup for four screens and me and a buddy share the bill and he moves out but continues to share the bill I don't see the problem here......guess netflix should reduce the price and not offer multiple screens package anymore then......

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

@YC you are right. Netflix has changed, sadly. Even period pieces are not true to the times. I attribute that to their partnership with Obummer a few years ago. (Right before their subscription prices started to increase too. 🤔 https///

Raspberries 0 months

Define " live with" - my college age kid " lives with" me and this is home but when he's on campus he watches my Netflix. Likewise, when I go on holiday to other regions I watch my Netflix. As long as I am paying for the account we'll watch when and where we want.

Indo 1 months

Yeh heh hey !!! Good luck with that. Been tried too many times. Works for awhile then ....

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