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Google claims Chrome 89 keeps Mac cooler, saves ’significant memory’ on Windows

Google claims Chrome 89 keeps Mac cooler, saves ’significant memory’ on Windows

Google Chrome browser developers claimed, in a post on the Chromium blog, that the latest version of the browser – Chrome 89 – is able to reclaim as much as 100MiB by using foreground tab memory more efficiently. On macOS it saves up to 8% of its memory usage based on how it handles background tabs. On Windows and Android, the browser is also using a more advanced memory allocator.

Ryan 1 months

Haha. Chrome and low memory usage are two things I never thought I’d see in the same sentence.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 1 months

Chrome is disgusting breach of privacy. Never, ever, use it.

wilhemena 1 months

do not use any Google products on your computers

Jim 1 months

The new 2000SUX gets 10% better fuel economy. (was 8.2mpg, now 9.02mpg) Time for a parade!

World 0 months

I suspect that Google MURD3RED 3 Googlers who "cared too much about humanity" all 3 were in their 20s...all engineers... RIP Scott Krulcik (he had the same Barabara Sampson determine COD as Epstein did!, the same B. Sampson who was sued for forensic fraud by her own employee!!!! The other 2 googlers were Vanessa Marcotte ( they framed an innocent man for her death, he says his DNA was taken against his will..isnt it interesting that this was also near New York And Sampson sued for forensic fraud including improper use of DNA testing!). The last one was the most bizarre story of all... She was CHUCHU ma , and was found floating in a pool of water a couple minutes away from her GooglePlex job, oddly she was naked, and the day before, someone had called 911 saying they saw the girl walking into the water while talking on a cell the end they say she drowned from psychosis and NO foul play suspected.

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