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British royals criticized for their response to accusations by Harry and Meghan

British royals criticized for their response to accusations by Harry and Meghan

Queen Elizabeth and the royal family have been at the receiving end of heavy criticism for their response to accusations by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during the Oprah interview. Prince William defended the royal family and told journalists that the British royal family is ’very much not a racist family.’ Experts say the royal family is trying to minimize the damage caused by the interview.

Seekster 0 months

Why? The entire point of the Monarchy is to change as little as possible to provide stability and consistency. Assuming some offhand thoughtfulness comment was actually made by some side member of the royal family, I don't see why this should necessitate some major reform of the institution itself.

Milkshake 0 months

God this is annoying. What is the MSM hiding with this non-news? What is being buried? The biggest non-news possible. Who would have thunk it that a royal family is obsessed with genetics and tradition? African, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, all royal families act like this, for all eternity. Only the lowest IQ manual breathing brainlet thinks this news or is surprised or appalled by this... equivalent of saying the Sun shines. So again, what World event, or event in Britain, controversial law or war or buyout, is being masked and buried by Media with this non-news? Any thoughts? Any insights?

namesake544 0 months

This is ridiculous. Of course the royal family is r-ist just like how our grandparents are. Queen Elizabeth was alive when Jim Crow laws existed. Also the family is a bunch of in🍞 , pedo germans what else could you expect. Edit: the censorship on this app is ridiculous

GB Oz 0 months

100% Seekster. For a 1000+ year old Royal Institution, that has gone through much turmoil in its many years; adroitly manages to have done and yet still do provide stability with a good dose of unity; whilst also has adapted over time. Two, rather precious family members - certainly do not warrant this headline, nor any significant change. We know from near on the last 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II, knows how to best handle matters.

Nathan 0 months

Meagan gives Americans a bad name. Unfortunately so many Americans are entitled “victims” like Meagan has shown herself to be. IF they reallt thought the royal family was racist then they should have stayed and helped them loose their racism. I think Harry is letting Meagan call the shots.

wilhemena 0 months

funny how the MSM doesn't attack the fake Saudi monarchy

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