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Biden does not give credit to Trump; supporters upset

Biden does not give credit to Trump; supporters upset

In a prime-time address Thursday, President Biden praised his administration for taking a ’war footing’ when it comes to combating COVID-19. Conservative media and politicians, though, were quick to accuse Biden of taking all the credit for the vaccination rollout, ignoring the role of former President Trump. Ronna McDaniel, chair of the RNC, accused Biden of ’not being straight with Americans.’

geckouni 0 months

trump’s supporters didn’t even believe in virus and vaccine, funny if they got upsets..

E N..
E N.. 0 months

He was talking about the vaccine rollout, which the trump administration had nothing to do with. Also he praised his administration, he did not demand personal credit or praise.

Jon 0 months

The cultists don't believe in science or vaccines so who really cares what these neanderthals think?

Bryan_with_a_why 0 months

Why would anyone expect Biden to give Trump any credit? He's corrupt and demented. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't form the words to say it unless someone else wrote it down. Just when you thought the presidency couldn't get more embarrassing, Biden said "hold my beer... and my medication" and doubled down on stupid.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

Wow conservatives aggrieved about something. What a shock. You had mass gatherings for Amy Conan Barrett and CPAC. While being against masks... Really cant take credit for ending a pandemic you never took seriously.

Rocky 0 months

LMAO. Biden is getting blasted over these ridicul0us remarks. His administration has had literally zero impact on covid or the vaccination effort. Everyone knows it. By praising the federal efforts he is basically sucking Trump's d!©k. Hahaha. I knew Biden was a secret Trump supporter.😂🤣😂

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 0 months

ABC news seems to be the only article that has reported truthfully and objectively on this. I’m hoping that’s a sign that they intend to return to true journalism. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?! Meanwhile, I’m utterly disgusted that the Anti-Trump crowd continues to put their sheer contempt for him before any shred of honesty and continues to suck up every lie that the Democrats utter, like sponges with not one tiny speck of intelligence, independent thought or personal integrity.

Mutatis 0 months

Meh, Trump definitely has more of a connection with the vaccination program, in both production and distribution, than Biden, as exemplified by Biden still running with largely the same plan created under Trump's term. That being said, I also think it likely, that the same methods, for production and distribution, would have been implemented regardless of who was president at the time.

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 0 months

Believing the Biden administration is responsible for the vaccination roll out is beyond foolish. The same guy that said restricting flights to stop Covid-19 was racist. If the Biden administration was in office when this occurred, 10x more people would have died and they would have just stopped counting, just as as the Obama administration did with H1N1. Even Politico pointed this out. The Biden administration would have “Circled Back” after millions had already fallen to the virus. And let’s not forget what Cuomo did, sheesh.. Dems always take credit for Trumps success, they did it regularly during his presidency.

Tom 0 months

are you kidding I wouldn't trust him with anything and he shouldn't take credit for anything except the mass invasion there is just created

Jennifer 0 months

It’s hilarious that a President that barely is present for anything is now taking credit for something I can guarantee he has no clue with. We can also thank all dem/lib clowns that voted for this dementia patient to take office for allowing the flood of immigrants pouring in , I think they will be less worried about a virus/masks in the near future.

James 0 months

TBH a brief nod or acknowledgement would have been an olive branch for unity. Lost opportunity.

Charles 0 months

Trump supporters are not upset. The libtards president, Dick Taitor is a mind-less idiot. Trump supporters are laughing each and everyday at libtard fools supporting this sniffy child molester. Trump will be back...soon.

Coach Steve
Coach Steve 0 months

When the Biden team got to the white house they wantes to see what plan the trump admin had been following for yhe covid rollout - bc unlike EVERY other presidential transition in modern history there was no friendly handoff of duties or welcoming of a new admin - and surprise, surprise. There was NO ROLLOUT PLAN. Republicans can cry all theybwant. But trump admin had no plan for rollout of the vaccines bc they had lost the election. Trump was a baby crying foul from Nov 3 on. So YES. Biden doea deserved credit for the rollout. Anyone says differantly they are gas lighting you

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

You mean Biden took credit for something he had little to do with? This guy has a 40 year record of taking credit and falsifying his credentials. Does this surprise anyone? Does it surprise anyone that people actually defend this creeper? Trump is a narcissist who loves to take credit for things, but this time, he is absolutely correct. A quick search at the articles and time line leading up to the roll out will show you this.

snarley 0 months

Donald Trump deserves ZERO credit for any of that....and yall KNOW IT. He is THE MAIN REASON we still have people treating this as if it were a "liberal hoax".... Because he himself called it a "hoax" at one point.

Marshall 0 months

bit ironic because people were getting vaccinated under trumps admin, so how or why would biden be able to take credit for it, if he wasnt in power when it was made

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 0 months

Did I miss something? What exactly has Joe done except talk about his plans and continue with that which was already in progress when he took over?

Eugene 0 months

Will the former president take credit for lack of effort to combat the high COVID death rate while in office.?

ruben 0 months

Like if trump ever gave credit to anyone else. That man even took credit or others good buisness skills and decisions. Besides his followers don't even believe there ever was a pandemic.

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