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Netflix adds 2 factor authentication to counteract password sharing

Netflix adds 2 factor authentication to counteract password sharing

Netflix is adding an anti-password sharing measure which will ask viewers for a 2 factor authentication code sent to the Netflix account owner’s phone number.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 0 months

With spring on the way everyone needs to get outside and get some fresh air and forget Netflix. I canceled mine because it's hard to find something to watch without being slapped in the face with some alternative or diverse life style. Be who you want just quit throwing it in everyone's face.

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 0 months

If you kick enough people off of the service it won't be long before you won't have a service to kick people off of. Just leave it like it is. No more than 4 devices can use an account at the same time. Or they could start charging for the amount of time that you use the service.

Mutatis 0 months

Why does Netflix even care when they already have a cap on the number of screens? This seems to do nothing but annoy the customer base.

Dave 0 months

Netflix: "We are really unpopular right now, people are switching off in droves. What are we going to do?! Oh I know, let's make using our service more annoying! That'll bring them all back!"

Charles 0 months

Who cares, kicked that service to the curb years back. Garbage content, and too Marxist for me. Their programming is race baiting and geared to a Liberal mind set. No thanks.

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

It's an onscreen prompt, I haven't read anything yet about shutting off services to potential abusers. "You promise you're not lying to us? Ok, then you can click yes."

Indo 0 months

Anything you can do, i can do better. They used to sing about it quite a lot then.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 0 months

There are so many other options anyway...I may just go back to DVDs.... They're much cheaper anyways, and there's always an exchange with the neighbors.

MIDESSA 0 months

Hulu dont prime video dont. Netflix is just an option that can be cancelled so easily what's the deal?

wilhemena 0 months

this will cause a problem for business travelers or folks on vacay

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

Well my comment on this topic was deleted I guess. Idk why since I was stating the truth. And shared a link.

Fareem 0 months

How do I cancel Netflix?

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