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’Quad’ leaders pledge new cooperation on China, COVID-19

’Quad’ leaders pledge new cooperation on China, COVID-19

Leaders of the US, India, Japan and Australia, met Friday in a first virtual summit of the ’Quad’ (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) group of countries. The group pledged to work together to counter China’s rising influence in the Indo-Pacific and cooperate on COVID-19 and climate. They also reaffirmed a commitment to denuclearization of North Korea and restoration of democracy in Myanmar.

GB Oz 0 months

America needs the Quad. Without Australia, Japan and India it wouldn’t be pretty going it alone. Though when you add in France, Britain, The Netherlands and a few others; we the democratic west - can counter the blatant aggression, colonial era land grabbing, untrustworthy to keep to commitments and hypocrites that China are.

Srinivas 0 months

It's high time that the alliance acts on a aggressive China. They need to take urgent steps to effectively counter China.

Seekster 0 months

I fully support any Anti-CCP alliance.

Barry 0 months

I guess Beijing didn't pay Biden enough?

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