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Federal officers use tear gas to drive away protesters in Portland

Federal officers use tear gas to drive away protesters in Portland

Protesters in Portland, Oregon who were damaging a courthouse were driven away by federal officers who used tear gas. Protesters started fires and broke glass at the building, and were driven away by officers who used tear gas, impact munitions, smoke bombs and flash-bang grenades. Protesters had gathered against an oil pipeline that they believe would harm the environment if it was expanded.

Rhokanth 1 months

Setting fires, burning flags, smashing windows. "Protesters". Remember when people pretended PDX was fine before Trump and Trump just needed to leave office for things to "go back to normal"?

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 months

So, where, exactly, is the line between protesters and rioters? It seems if they are leftist rioters being described by leftist media, they are just “protesters” , even when they are burning, looting and committing violence toward other people. Under these circumstances, when described by, conservative media, they are appropriately labeled, “rioters”. But, when conservatives are protesting, peacefully or otherwise, they are immediately labeled, “rioters”, “white supremacists”, “domestic terrorists”, “traitors” etc according to leftist media.

Seekster 1 months

What in the world do they have to protest about now? Did they finally realize that they were being used to further the election ambitions of a political party that doesn't really care about them perhaps?

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

Can't wait to see how the libtards will defend this one

a commoner
a commoner 1 months

I don't understand why these thugs are still rioting. What makes me sick is there is very little reported in the news about this, but they still are pushing the whole troops and fences in DC after a 6 hour riot. Give me a break.

Skunk 0 months

So setting fires and smashing windows is a "protest"? So why are the Capitol "protestors" being prosecuted then? Or are we seeing a political bias on this platform too?

Rocket 1 months

Oregon State's Leftist Scumbag Politicians OPENLY AID & ABET these Violent Domestic TERRORISTS. These LEFTIST SCUMBAG POLITICIANS are absolutely WORTHLESS!!!

michael 1 months

I agree with WHY they protested, but mimicking trump supporters is not the way to properly bring change. And I really would have liked to see capitol cops treat the insurgents the same way they treated these dissidents.

Brian 1 months

2 hours and I would squash this movement. If you don't see what's going on , well you're blind.

Blake Downey
Blake Downey 0 months

Rioters..why won't they use the word? Its so simple. Capitol Riot..Portland..Protest..ugh

Konner 0 months

Protestors don't damage things, that would be rioters.

Delterra 0 months

I love that y'all think the left wanted Biden. Like, you actually believe leftist progressives wanted an old white conservative in office?! He was the lesser of two evils and only insane establishment media would pretend otherwise.

Hey 1 months

Didn't they try and burn down the courthouse?

jon 0 months

Well done, OP! You managed to find the one picture on the internet where Anifa $cumb@gs were holding an American flag up rather than burning it. All jokes aside, it's about times these thugs were dealt with using harsher measures than a slap on the wrist.

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 1 months

I thought they restricted the use of tear gas cuz orange man bad.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 months

Lol. "Protesters get tear gassed in Portland." We call that Thurday. Or Tuesday or Wednesday or ...

Rob 1 months

And you won't hear a single Democrat call it an "insurrection"

Duncan 1 months


wilhemena 1 months

they should have used more than tear gas and rubber bullets

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 1 months

I remember when this was called trump's america. Lol. Yeah no this has been lefty america the whole time.

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