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G7 urge China to end ’oppression’ in Hong Kong; China reacts

G7 urge China to end ’oppression’ in Hong Kong; China reacts

G7 powers demanded that China end ’oppression’ against democratic activists in Hong Kong after Beijing forced sweeping changes of the city’s election system. Separately, the US condemned China’s ’continuing assault on democratic institutions in Hong Kong.’ China has hit back at the criticism, with one official questioning the US’ ’moral capital to point fingers’ in the wake of the Capitol riot.

Seekster 0 months

America isn't perfect, far from it as of late. That being said America on its worst day is several times more preferable than the CCP's China on its best day when it comes to freedom for its citizens.

World 0 months

No mention of CCP's GEN0CIDE , torture and r@pe of innocents?

GB Oz 0 months

Oh America has a ton of moral capital and whilst it’s certainly not perfect; yet the majority of the world supports America’s defending of freedom, democracy and an open society. But, yet again, it’s their snapping turtle at it again. It’s all they’ve got.

Our Father
Our Father 0 months

The international community really has a cucking to China problem. They ought to exclude the PRC from UN councils at this point formally recognize Taiwan finally.

geckouni 0 months

Funny that the white nations always think that they are on higher moral ground than other part of the world after the period of witch hunt through religion, slaving and systematic criminisation against the black, continue to support the white supremacy, KKK, confederation, fuming opium war against China to occupy HK, causes chaos against countries who did not bow down and to oppress them in the name of so called ‘freedom and democracy’... the same old tactics just on different playbook ..

michael 0 months

Until we get rid of guantanamo and repeal the patriot act, we really don't have a moral position against china's actions.

James 0 months

Stiff words from the G7, yeah I'm sure that'll get the CCP's attention /s

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