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Man charged in Capitol riot plot to be released from jail

Man charged in Capitol riot plot to be released from jail

A man charged with conspiring with members of the Oath Keepers militia group in the attack on the Capitol will be released from jail while he awaits trial, a judge ruled. The judge expressed concerns with Thomas Caldwell’s conduct, but noted that Caldwell did not enter the Capitol and said there is no direct evidence that he plotted in advance to do so. He’s been released to home confinement.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 months

The left/media just proves every single day how biased it is by the prosecution of the 1/6 rioters being held without bail when literally every night the Federal court house in Portland is attacked and almost set on fire. Even if there are arrests, the "protestors" are released without charges.

Rocket 1 months

So this guy didn't do ANYTHING Wrong and they're acting like they're doing him a "favor" by letting him go home?!! Meanwhile ANTIFA & BLM TERRORISTS continue to Violently Riot and assault police officers, yet never seem to get prosecuted. 🤔 What a DISGUSTING PILE of 💩💩💩 we now have fo" a "jus"ice" system.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 1 months

😂.. Trump supporters do the biggest stretches. Hopefully all these trump supporters love being behind bars. It would be funny to see them behind bars and trump wins in 2024 and he leaves them behind bars. 😂

Mutatis 0 months

This guy was basically the linchpin to their current, and only, charges of 'conspiracy'. I am curious if the prosecution is going to try and salvage the case, or let the charges quietly drop and hope no one notices.

Shono 0 months

Meanwhile half of those Antifa/BLM/RevCom/Sunrise are all being excused after actually burning down buildings and destroying small businesses

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