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Bitcoin stays over $60,000

Bitcoin stays over $60,000

The price of Bitcoin continues to rise, with the cryptocurrency surpassing the $60,000 level on Saturday, weeks after it topped $50,000. Bitcoins in circulation are worth more than $1 trillion. Interest in Bitcoin has surged over the past months amid signs of increasing institutional interest as well as speculative demand. The overall crypto market currently has a market cap of $1.87 trillion.

scientist 0 months

I ALMOST mined some of these when they were 400 dollars, at my parents. Curse my conscience and desire to save on their electricity bill!! 🤦‍♂️

Tevo 0 months

Bitcoin rise is an indication that blockchain businesses are picking up steam and heavily increasing in value. In addition NFT are showing real promise which in turn will move intellectual and physical properties on-chain, increasing cryptocurrency cap even more. If you want to play it safe then bitcoin is best option to store your value for long term. but if you want to see more than 5x gains then I suggest to educate yourself with altcoins. for example I hold 60% of my assets on Cardano and 39% divided into other currencies (bitcoin is 5%)

Nickel 0 months

Just think if you would have bought one or $2,000 worth of bitcoin 10 years ago and held it you would be a multi-millionaire

Phoenix 0 months

Great news!

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

C'mon dogecoin

GB Oz 0 months

Woopsi Do DaDay. So what, it's value is based on thin air

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