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Syrian President’s wife faces war crimes investigation in UK

Syrian President’s wife faces war crimes investigation in UK

British police have opened a preliminary investigation into allegations that Asma al-Assad, wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, ’incited and encouraged terrorist acts.’ If charged, the Metropolitan Police could seek her extradition. Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers accuses her of being among a number of ’influential actors’ who encouraged acts of terrorism and international crimes.

Vark 0 months

Biden and Obama Era propaganda continues. Leave her alone. Western propaganda could say she personally killed 50 kids and ate them and people would believe it. Ignoring the amazing things she's done for women in syria and the hard work they did to defeat ISIS. Syria, Russia, and Iran destroyed 80% of ISIS whilst we were sitting around funding al nusra. Kurds only started an offensive when syeia was about to retake their oil fields, a dam, and ar-raqqah.

James 0 months

The London Metropolitan police have enough problems looking after themselves let alone poking their noses into other countries affairs. If they want to bring on war crime charges, Tony Blair would be a good starting point.

FactCheckerNeil 0 months

Wife of the 21st centuries biggest war criminal gets charged for war crimes. How did this take so long?

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 0 months

Wouldn't it logical, rational and proportionally relevant to have UK's war crime trial precede the alleged Syria's first lady's crimes?

david dindu
david dindu 0 months

Sad. Cyanide bombs were more believable....

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 0 months

She's pretty, so I don't care.

Marci 0 months

Funny that they do not investigate their previous PM...

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