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Defense secretary to seek strengthening anti-China front during India visit

Defense secretary to seek strengthening anti-China front during India visit

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will visit India this week. Talking about his March 19–21 visit, he told reporters that strengthening alliances will be his primary focus during his trip in the region with an eye on China. Austin will meet his Indian counterpart, Rajnath Singh, and other senior Indian security officials. India is a member of the US-led 4-nation ’Quad’ with Japan and Australia.

Srinivas 0 months

Strong Quad is the right response to predatory China.

GB Oz 0 months

Good. Not only the Quad, now we have Germany, the U.K., Denmark, The Netherlands, France now joining to show China; the great aggressor, Imperial land grabber and down right evil CCP regime- the world will no longer tolerate it. Watch out China, we are all coming after you.

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 0 months

Making sure no war "opportunities" missed?

Seekster 0 months

Good. The Chinese Communist Party is the great evil of our time and they should be opposed at every opportunity. We do not desire war but if the CCP chooses to start one then we should be prepared thus gathering allies in the region makes sense.

geckouni 0 months

China had been attacked by many countries (white nations and Japan) over decades before it became successful, now that it becoming more successful and trying to help less developed countries to becoming independent, self sufficient, increase trade and connecting to the rest of world by sharing communication, culture, trade, technology, etc to improve the quality of their life via belt and road projects. Those developed countries probably so worry that they becoming less dependable and losing power.

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