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91-year-old police officer has no plans to retire

91-year-old police officer has no plans to retire

After working in law enforcement for nearly 56 years, LC ’Buckshot’ Smith is one of the oldest cops in the US. Smith, 91, continues to serve his town of Camden, Arkansas. After 46 years as a deputy, Smith had retired, but that lasted for only five months. ’I don’t hunt. I don’t fish,’ Smith said, adding he didn’t have any fun then. ’I’ve taken more people home than I’ve taken to jail,’ he says.

Rihards 0 months

Good, good. If you love your job you wont work a day in your life. 😄 He most likely is in touch with his community by helping and not looking for and causing trouble on purpose. My grandma is 89 and still milks cows in her farm, it is what makes her happy and I dont see her stopping any day.

E N..
E N.. 0 months

I can only hope to be so active and engaged with the community at that age. Well done sir.

Montgomery 0 months

Good on him. Forced retirement is immoral. When my grand dad was 90 the family pushed him to give up the farm and move to a old age home... he died 3 months later and I believe it's because his reason for being was gone

Seekster 0 months

Absolute respect for this man.

Test Steam
Test Steam 0 months


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