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Over 400 of Tesla workers got Covid after Musk reopened a plant, report says

Over 400 of Tesla workers got Covid after Musk reopened a plant, report says

More than 400 workers at the Tesla plant at Fremont, California tested positive for Covid-19 between May and December, Alameda County Department of Public Health data, obtained by PlainSite, showed. PlainSite said the tracking started in May and stopped in December. Tesla boss Elon Musk had played down the concerns and reopened the plant in May, ignoring warnings by public health officials.

Robert 0 months

Yep. Lots of people at my wife's work tested positive too. They go home, get better and come back to work. Much like a regular flu season..

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 0 months

Hundreds!...spread out over half a year, out of 10000 workers, giving an average positivity rate of around 1% per month...which from what I've seen is less than the positivity rate for the general population.

Tim 0 months

File under the "And?" catagory. Four hundred positive cases? That's nothing . No deaths? That's great. Everyone got money sooner? Outstanding. Piss off with these non-event stories.

World 0 months

Um the PCR tests do not work. How many of those 400 people had actual symptoms?

Bryan_with_a_why 0 months

Guarantee more than 400 out of 10,000 employees got covid, half of em just didn't know it since they had no symptoms. Is this supposed to be "bad news" or a reason to celebrate that only 400 got covid? Legit question, I'm curious cause the article sounds like they think it's negative.

Max 0 months

I used to really like Elon Musk, but his whole response to this pandemic was so disappointing. 400 workers with COVID because he wanted to drive up his profit margins a bit, and that's ignoring all the people those 400 workers also spread it to. Absolutely disgusting.

Doug 0 months

One would think a smartypants like Musk would have more respect for science, physics but maybe his greed took over.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

So what?

Alex 0 months

Musk doesn’t care about his employees

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 0 months

"More important than knowing the answers is knowing what questions to ask." ~ Viva Frei...

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

Pure propaganda the PCR tests do not work the results are meaningless.

Kenneth 0 months

They will be fine 99.7 %recovery rate mRNA not needed

JoeSchmo 0 months


Nickel 0 months

It happens it's called living your life 400 out of 10000 isn't too bad can't stay home forever

Scipio 0 months

That's life, at least they have work to go back to...

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