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At least 39 protesters killed in Myanmar, martial law imposed in many towns

At least 39 protesters killed in Myanmar, martial law imposed in many towns

At least 39 anti-coup protesters were killed across Myanmar by security forces on Sunday in the bloodiest day yet since the February 1 military coup, media and rights groups reported. They said 22 were killed in a Yangon suburb and 16 in other places across the country. Before Sunday’s crackdown, at least 70 protesters were killed in the country. The junta has imposed martial law in many towns.

GB Oz 0 months

I so hope there are moves behind the scenes to put this coup to an end. Sadly, with China involved; supplying arms and ammo on the sly, with covert missions - prior to this, we need a whole of world response. Time to send China back another century of humiliation. The world would be a better place.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

If they keep this up that migh catch up to Chicago...

Jonny 0 months

Is it more politically correct to call it Burma or Myanmar?

Jared 0 months

No good

GB Oz 0 months

China, the great hypocrites - are supporting the coup, have flown sly, covert missions in, with arms and ammo. When is the world going to act?

Azshara 0 months

Great to see US Tax Dollars at work.

Tiggs 0 months

So heartbreaking. They are using the three finger salute from the Hunger Games book to express to the world how they they feel as citizens. I just hope that there is countries working behind the scenes to help these people.

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