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Trump makes surprise visit to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ campaign event

Trump makes surprise visit to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ campaign event

Former President Trump made an unexpected stop over the weekend at a campaign event for ex-White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Sanders is currently running for governor of Arkansas. ’Great weekend on the campaign trail featuring a surprise appearance at one of my events by President Trump,’ Sanders said in a tweet on Sunday.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 0 months

She is such an opportunist. Got tired of telling lies for Trump so respectfully left then using his clout to get more power. Want to fix the USA? Stop supporting opportunistic elitist that don’t have morals.

MIDESSA 0 months

All these two birds of a feather needs is Mike in the picture for it to be 3 birds of a feather. Arkansas is as about as logically stunted as Texas so she'll probably win.

Dorien 0 months

If Sanders ever had a chance on the governorship it’s gone now. Watch the insanity of Trump in the picture. Even she looks embarrassed, understandably so.

Jordan 0 months

She doesnt look happy about it in the pic lol

Doug Star
Doug Star 0 months

With friends like orange (-o-) who needs enemas?

Rafael 0 months

Great thats all we need, I guess birds of a feather stick together.

Kenneth 0 months

If votes counted for anything I'd vote for Sarah

Doug Star
Doug Star 0 months

Ever notice how visually ugly people are usually rePIGS and white?

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