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Winter blizzard worst to hit Denver in nearly 15 years, Colorado out of power

Winter blizzard worst to hit Denver in nearly 15 years, Colorado out of power

The National Weather Service said the winter storm that dumped two feet of snow on Denver this Sunday was the fourth largest in the city’s history and the worst in nearly 15 years. Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska are now digging out of the snow. More than 25,000 homes and businesses in Colorado were without power but recovered on Monday. Still 9,000 homes and businesses remain without power.

Just Chillin
Just Chillin 0 months

Please stop the childish practice of naming groups of clouds with rain and snow. Hurricanes and typhoons is an entire systems. Random occluded fronts are not even close to the same thing. Stop generating fake names to drive up recognition to nothing.

coughdrop1989 0 months

So when a freak blizzard hits texas, that its even a rare occurance to get snow and causes a power outage its dumb Republicans and their stupid policies. Yet when it happens to Colorado. Nothing to see here folks keep moving. A little biased must? Its a travesty none the less and American lives are still at stake regardless of where you live. Except Seattle, Portland, and the state of california. Youre not welcomed.

Carter 0 months

Climate change at its finest. Colorado gets snow like this, not often though. But just look at what happened in Texas. If that isn’t out of the ordinary weather then idk what is.

Ronken 0 months

Lucky there is global warming, or there might have been four feet of snow instead.

Prince Azmiran
Prince Azmiran 0 months

Just winterize your systems *forehead*

Doug 0 months

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