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50 percent of New Yorkers say Cuomo should not immediately resign: Poll

50 percent of New Yorkers say Cuomo should not immediately resign: Poll

A new Siena College poll has found that 50 percent of New Yorkers are of the view that Governor Andrew Cuomo should continue in office for now, while 35 percent believe it is time for him to submit his resignation. 35 percent of respondents said they believe Cuomo has committed sexual harassment, with 24 percent saying he has not. His favorability has also fallen to 43 percent.

Tom A
Tom A
Milly 0 months

It seems as though the right hates cuomo, the independents hate cuomo, the left hates cuomo, establishment democrats (the worst kinds of people) hate cuomo, but New Yorkers don’t care enough for him to leave office

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

Concentrate on the more serious charges he's accused of please.

jason 0 months

I can't speak for others, I dont think he should resign. I have found three poles on Coumo common census on all, they want to see a trial, a impeachment and the bridge renamed. To me the bridge eventually but seriously priorities at this time is it really that big of deal. If he resigns its easier for it to be swept under the rug on the other hand he admits guilt.

chris 0 months

Don't let him resign. Make him stand trial in the position he held when he committed these atrocities.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 0 months

For a guy who says he doesn't care what others think about him sending the guy running your states vaccine program to make sure people stay loyal to you says differently

Rocket 0 months

What kind of FAKE poll was this garbage?! Who posted this complete sham?!! Everyone KNOWS that CORRUPT DEMOCRAP PIECE of SHIT, CUOMO🤡💩 is GUILTY of MASS MURDER. That PATHETIC SCUMBAG INTENTIONALLY INFECTED THOUSANDS of Elderly and Disabled people to boost up the Covid death numbers!!! Prosecute CUOMO🤡💩 for MASS MURDER and Sentence him to DEATH by FIRING SQUAD or the ELECTRIC CHAIR, whichever is MORE PAINFUL!!!

Marinewife0317 0 months

If this poll is actually true, then the people of NY are even more messed up than previously thought of. Sexual harassment in the workplace is bad ... but knowingly setting the elderly's death sentence is not worse? And you want the entire US to be ran like NY and CA??

Aleks 0 months

Start an investigation and charge him if guilty

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