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1,000 more US troops in Afghanistan than disclosed

1,000 more US troops in Afghanistan than disclosed

According to a report by the New York Times, 1,000 more US troops have been deployed in Afghanistan than the official number states. Senior officials have reported that among those not included in the official count are some temporary and transitioning military units, as well as Joint Special Operations Command units, working under both the CIA and the Pentagon.

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 0 months

Is this news? How do they think the US keeps their death tolls so low. With their well below average training and strategic methods of 1 on 1?

chris 0 months

Just one arm of o'bidens secret wars. Other arm is Washington D.C 15K TROOPS).

Carter 0 months

Nice use of the young men of the country. What are we even fighting for over there? Is it worth all the bloodshed?

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