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Nashville bomber was driven by paranoia, conspiracies, says FBI

Nashville bomber was driven by paranoia, conspiracies, says FBI

Closing out its investigation into the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, the FBI said that Anthony Quinn Warner, the man who blew himself up inside his recreational vehicle was grappling with paranoia and eccentric conspiracy theories, but there are no indications he was motivated by social or political ideology. The case had perplexed investigators because it appeared to lack an obvious motive.

Tom A
Tom A
Got Truth
Got Truth 0 months

So if CBS is saying it was not terrorism, that indicates that he was a Dem who believed Trump conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election. Ok, got it.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 0 months

We need to start putting these people in asylums

Aaron 0 months

Russia hoax?

Nautilus 0 months

Suuuuure it was.

James 0 months

Wouldn't "eccentric conspiracy theories" be motivated by social and/or political ideologies? Not sure what else would aside from mental illness and that would then take you back to the same comment.

Chrisby 0 months

noooo, you dont say.

World 0 months

Lies! We saw the footage and the explosion DID NOT come from the RV!!!!!! It came from 20 feet away.. We saw the cops walk past the RV, the intercom was NOT coming from it...they completely ignored it!!!!

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