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UK scientists, officials say AstraZeneca Covid vaccine not linked to blood clots

UK scientists, officials say AstraZeneca Covid vaccine not linked to blood clots

After several countries halting the use of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine over concerns that it may cause blood clotting in some people, scientists and officials in the UK have come to its defense. The UK drug regulator MHRA insisted the jab is safe and says people should continue to take it. Oxford’s Professor Andrew Pollard and others said there’s no evidence linking it to blood clots.

namesake544 0 months

This vaccine has been linked to blood clots for 7 in 17 million people who have taken it. Hormonal birth control causing blood clots for 1 in 10,000 people and it is still used. This is just a story as old as time: I don't under stand new thing, so I think it is scary.

Viviko 0 months

That’s just a feature. You can’t get COVID if you die from a heart attack or stroke due to a blood clot...

Hollowhammer 0 months

Anyone going to take this "vaccine" should first lookup RLoop diseases and how altering mRNA causes RLoops in your DNA. I myself would rather risk the sniffles.

Watcher 0 months

The country that manufactures it says its safe, trust our science not everyone else's. Same stance as Australia, and they are looking to manufacture it too. Get the f out here. And the vaccines are not vaccines! Statement from the President of Australian Medical Association below. Nothing is going to change

Morbo 0 months

Funny governments were quick to judge a vaccine unsafe when it came from Britain but were perfectly happy to suspend basic human rights to free movement when the advice came from China. Just saying. One created the first laws enshrining individual rights and liberties, the other has killed more of its own citizens than the dead from every single war throughout history combined.

FactCheckerNeil 0 months

Are the vaccinated getting more blood clots as the unvaccinated? Wake me up when the answer is yes!

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